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Sunday, November 10th, 2002

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xfree86 and 2 video cards
My girlfriend is trying to get mandrake 9 working on her dell pc. It has an onboard video card (intel 810) and she has a 2nd video card (ati rage 128 pci) that she added after she got the machine.
Should be simple enough to get her machine to work with the ati rather than the 810 correct? Her windows XP partition runs fine... not a problem with the video.
When it came time to setup the Xserver configuration in the install she tried to select the ati rage 128...and found it, set the standard 1024x768 resolution...and hit test and black. Nothing. It hangs the machine. We booted into the console... tried to configure the display settings with DrakConf..same thing. It always defaults to the Intel 810 when we go to configure the Xfree86 settings. Is there a way to verify which device it is attempting to use for the Xserver?
We even went as far as plugging in a 2nd monitor to see if that would work. It still didnt quite work. It reset the 2nd monitor like it was going to do something..and black..and hang.

Any thoughts as to how we should go about resolving this issue?


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