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Sunday, October 27th, 2002

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Network Setup Problems...
I'm having problems getting to the internet from my Debian setup over my home network. I just upgraded my connection from dial-up to DSL, but I originally installed the system, via netinstall-cd, over a DSL connection at my brother's house. My wife is still pretty windows-centric so I dual-boot win98, and windows connects fine.

I'm using an alcatel DSL modem and a linksys network everywhere 4 port hub. I loaded the tulip driver for my card, if'ed up eth0 and did `ifconfig'--lo and eth0 show fine, same for `netstat -r'. I did `ifconfig add default gw (router-ip) eth0' to set my gateway. The network works fine internally. I can move around the network fine, transfer samba shares, ping between boxes, but I can't get out of the network for some reason.

I have a linuxcare root-kit mini-cd (for bouts of stupidity and forgetfulness) and when I boot from it and load up the tulip driver and connect to the same gateway ip, no problems--PFM. I've ensured that my base system's network settings match those of the rootkit, but it just doesn't want to connect.

The really frustrating part is--the system was installed over a similar network setup. Is there a config file I've overlooked somewhere that is pointing my gateway to a different ip? Perhaps left over from the network install? I've read and re-read the man pages for ifconfig & route, the correct DNS servers are listed in /etc/resolv.conf, UG flag on my gateway ip but no friggin net. I haven't checked email in nearly two weeks, any ideas?
Darwin is winning out
Can anyone lend a hand. I've been trying to download the tar files for Darwin Streaming Server from apple.com and the opensource.apple.com server appears to be down, and I can't make any headway on finding the file. I'm looking for:
DarwinStreamingSrvr4.1.1-Linux.tar.gz and the matching proxy file, though the proxy can wait. Has anyone already downloaded this file before and have it somewhere they would be willing to let me grab? Or even does anyone know anywhere else that would list the file? We've tried sourceforge, rpmfind, freshrpms, google, several other search engines, even so much as to have tried Kaaza and WinMX (getting that desperate). Thanks.
Red Hat 8.0 Installation Problem!
I've leeched all the five cd images and burned them to CD-Rs using Nero BurningROM under Windows XP. As the Red Hat installation program boots from the first CD-R, everything seems alright. But after choosing the language and the keyboard layout i get the message that "a Red Hat installation CD wasn't found". I have two CD-drives: a Hewlett-Packard DVD+RW burner and a Toshiba DVD-ROM. I've tried to install RH from both with no results. What am I doing wrong?

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