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Saturday, October 26th, 2002

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blackbox ROX
i tried to make blackbox work with ROX desktop, no vain
Has anyone done that?
Btw, i wonder what other nice wm you use (exept for KDE & GNOME implemented)?
Grrrr....Debian woody vs. HP 722C...
Maybe switching to Debian wasn't such a good idea afterall. Who would have guessed that it would take this much effort just to get an HP Deskjet printer up and running. Apparently, Debian comes with no tools to do this with. First, I tried CUPS, but that did not work. Then I tried installing hp-ppd, mpage, and printtool. printtool tells me that I have no support for a parallel port in my kernel (I do), or that it isn't working (it is, according to dmesg, anyway). Plus printtool does not show that there is a filter for my printer, even though I have the latest hp-ppd. I'm starting to think that Debian has kind of sucky printer support. Anybody out there have a similar problem with Debian?

Current Mood: frustrated
Funny stuff, i own sound card 16bit creative 128PCI
it handles well with es1371 sound drivers, but i can't make them loaded by KMOD
it seems just to forget about them, so i have to load the drivers either with modprobe or rc.modules

what's wrong? why doesn't KMOD load the drivers automatically when needed?

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