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Friday, October 25th, 2002

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First question
Well, I've been meaning to try out Linux for going on two years now, and just finally got the extra hard-drive and patience to download the ISOs which was necessary. I'm having a hell of a time booting it without a bootdisc, though.

This situation I'm in now is thus.
I presently have 3 harddrives in, HDA (Windows XP Pro, NTFS) HDB (file storage, FAT32) and HDD. HDD has three partitions, /boot (ext3) / (ext3) and the swap (Swap, duh). When installing LILO, I'm given a warning that it may not be able to read BIOS information on HDD, but still installs itself. If I boot the computer with LILO as the loader, I get an "L" and then a hang. The lilo.conf is correct, it's based directly off of a friend of mine's (exclusive Linux user 3+ years, I trust him) and he verifies it should work properly.

Using GRUB is a bit better, I can boot into Windows with it. Attempting to root (hd3,0) will grant me a "file-system tpye unknown" message. rootnoverify (hd3,0) followed by an attempt to give it a kernel path informs me that it could not mount the partition. The confusion in this is that if I boot psyche through the syslinux disc, and then run grub from inside, it mounts, associates the kernel and initrd perfectly fine. Any ideas at all? I'm stumped entirely. I could, of course, provide the config files for review if necessary.

Current Mood: dumbfounded
Reformatting file system layout
On my RH 7.3 server, I currently have 3 drives, mounted at various locations. This machine serves as a web server with MySQL backend, mail server, ftp server, smb server, etc. My wife will shoot me if I kill this box.

My file systems are filling up rather quickly now, with a large-ish community using my message boards on a daily basis. So here's what I want to do:

1) Move ALL data to another drive (some large drive or other) on another machine.
2) Install RH8 with logical volumes spanning the current drives.
3) Move ALL data back.

Data in this case means everything. I'm talking /etc files, database files, configuration files, and so on.

I think I have myself a daunting little task here, for the simple reason of the data move and the possiblility that moving all the data back to the new RH8 install will break that install.

Here's the current filesystem layout:

/dev/hda7 9115960 6217708 2435180 72% /
/dev/hda5 241084 15571 213066 7% /boot
/dev/hdb1 4150700 447556 3492296 12% /var/www
/dev/hdc1 38464340 31339668 5170768 86% /shared
none 224708 0 224708 0% /dev/shm

I have another machine up and ready to go to store the data.

Any suggestions?

Current Mood: aggravated
First time linux user...
I'm building a computer right now and need some advice for selecting components. I have an old Intel dual-Pentium Pro board laying around that I want to build into a system. I need a video card for it, and I need to get a PCI card because this board is pre-AGP.

Once it's all put together, I'm planning on installing Slackware on it, and start teaching myself Linux. I'm not going to dual boot or anything, it's just going to be a single purpose machine for me to play with.

So anyone have any recommendations for a good linux-friendly PCI video card?

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