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Sunday, October 20th, 2002

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Emacs and Vi
I'm not try to evoke the holy war nonsense here, but I have a question about both. You see, for most of my computing life I worked on MS systems, using DOS or Windows based editors. My experience with Unix-like systems had generally been in with servers that I didn't need to tweak much after setting up. I learned to use Vi well enough and generally opted for graphical versions when possible.

Now I'm a Linux user and I love it. I've using it exclusively at home for nearly a year. The bulk of my editing needs have been met in apps such as OpenOffice for writing and Bluefish or GEdit for code, since nearly all of my usage has been for web based programming, and the occasional .*rc or bash script.

Here's my question, for someone whose work is largely graphical in nature, is it worth it for me to learn Emacs or Vi in their non X forms? I'm not phased by the two modes of Vi, and my system is sufficiently fast to cope with resource hungry Emacs, so the classic complaints are largely moot for me. I've spent considerable time researching each one online, as well as playing with each one, and I'm curious about anyone's suggestions. Also, at work (where everythings still Windows based) I use UltraEdit. Are either comparible to this app?

I really am hoping to get honest recommendations from people that have worked with both and what was liked, not why Vi users are idiots or why Emacs users are dolts.

Xterm title bar discrimination
Recently I redid my .bashprofile and .bashrc, previously I was using the proml function for
xterm title discrimation as not to issue an incorrect PS1 when I was using a console. For whatever
reason it would my terminal would flicker constantly while this was in use (terminal being aterm). I
tried turning off transparency to no avial, gave up a while ago. Recently this has become increasingly more
annoying. Wondering what the majority of all of you use for xterm present working directory title bar exportation? Non flicker prefered =D

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