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Thursday, October 17th, 2002

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Jedix Myths
from microsith.com (apologies if seen before)
"With all the recent attention on Jedix, it's important to step back from the hype and look at the reality. Jedix fundamentally relies on a 12,000-year-old philosophy and belief architecture. Jedix was not designed from the ground up to support karate kicks, giant space stations, two handed Lightsabers, killing incompetent underlings, and many other important considerations of a modern ruler of the Galaxy. These architectural limitations mean that as customers look for a platform to cost effectively build scalable, secure, and robust Empires, Jedix simply cannot deliver on the hype."
Has this happened to anyone (Nvidia Drivers w/New Kernel)
I just downloaded the infamous "we'll give it to you, but we can't tell you why" Redhat kernel update. I installed it as usual, and as usual it clobbered the binary Nvidia kernel drivers. I ran NVchooser.sh and the script recommended I update using the source code. The compile is not a configure/make/make install affair, but a silent "make all". The compile fails almost immediately and silently!

Has anyonelse experienced this problemo?

Moreover, the Source RPM is not well built enough to tell me which of the Redhat devel packages I might need to install to have the necessary headers (RTFM? The one noted in the manual isn't on my 7.3 CD, nor on RPMfind, nor on RHN). I'm more in the dark than usual on this one.

Ah well! Back to vacuuming carpet mites while a single frame of Tribute renders in software mode. One frame every 5 seconds anyone? *chuckles* I feel like I'm running a Voodoo again.


Current Mood: frustrated

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