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Sunday, October 13th, 2002

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IPchains | IPtables
I wonder if there's another IPchain|IPtables frontend config which is as good & comfortable as firestarter?
KMail/Konqueror/Mozilla Annoyance-- help?
I'm running Redhat 7.2 with KDE. I use KMail for my email. Konqueror, of course, is installed. I prefer to use Mozilla to browse the web. When I get an email in KMail that has a link in it, I would like to click the link and have it open in Mozilla.

Right now, when I click it, it opens in Konqueror. In the I changed the Control Center, I changed the file associations search order for HTML so that Mozilla would be on top. Now it opens links in Mozilla after it opens them in Konqueror-- basically, it opens the URL in Konqueror (using Konqueror's cookies and preferences) and then opens the temp version of the page in Mozilla.

If I highlight the text, there's a pop-up menu prompting me to open the link, in Konqueror, Netscap, or Mozilla, or to save it, etc. If I select "Open in Mozilla," it used to do nothing (now that I've changed the file associations order, it opens in Mozilla as requested).

Does anyone know how to configure KMail or KDE so that clicking a link will open it in Mozilla first and only? This is an annoyance-- it doesn't crash my system or anything. But it's a pain in the arse.



Anyone else use this for your firewall? I've been messing with it for the past two days and I can still only get from my computer to the firewall, but not out.... I can ping out from the firewall too... but I just can't get through it... anyone else have any luck?
RedHat 8.0 ::: newbie needs help...
Downloaded and burnt 5 disks.
At the start-up of the installation process i did the "Media Check".
They all checked out OK.

During the install I get a failure:
The message says some library may be corrupt
or I'm out of disk space...

What do you think ?

Here's my disk setup:

/dev/hdc1::3.4 gigs::1.9 gigs::::/sysimage
/dev/hdc6::12.9 gigs:2.1 gigs:::/home
/dev/hda1::3.4 gigs ::200mb's::/opt

Is it hdc1 that needs more space ?
I'm reburning the first CD just in case...


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