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Saturday, October 12th, 2002

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Red Hat 8.0 and media...
I went to install xine on Red Hat 8.0 since now it dosnt come with it. I installed the xine-libs and it said everything went fine, but when I goto configure the xine-ui it says xine-libs not found. Ive done everything the readme says to do, and put it in my path and all. I have no idea whats wrong, please help me!

The other problem is that after I put on mp3 support on xmms everyone in awhile it says my sound card isnt found, when Im on a play list. But when I click on the file it plays fine. Anyone got any ideas on that?


So I just installed debian with a friend of mine's help. Everything is running great, I LOVE the package manager, that alone is making this distro fun. I am using blackbox, and I have one little problem.

I can't see my mouse.

That isn't to say my mouse isn't there, because I can use my mouse, I just cant see it.

has anyone run into this before?

I changed the 'theme' around to see if maybe it was something silly, and that did nothing.

I have a microsoft intelli-mouse btw.

any idea's?

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