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Linux Community's Journal
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Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

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this is ironic.

i joined a linux community on a ibm windows 98 computer.

I'm switching to Debian...
My brother has been using Debian for a while now, and last night, we rebuilt my router/firewall machine, replacing the Slack 8.0 install with Debian Woody. My main machine runs SuSE 8.0, but I'm really having headaches when dealing with rpm's and dependencies. Especially when certain rpm's put files in one place and others in another. And there isn't always a SuSE rpm to be had. I like keeping things very organized. With Debian, using apt-get is much easier. And talk about ease of installing new kernels, and updating an entire system! Wow! As soon as the appropriate things are backed up, I'm switching! Any Debian users out there that might feel like alerting me to any potential Debian pitfalls for a long-time SuSE user?

Current Mood: amazed

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