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Monday, September 16th, 2002

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I need help with a what seems to be a complicated apache problem.

apache running on Solaris 8 (with SSL and tomcat)
the first four DSSL processes are pinning the CPU.

If you have a lot of Apache exp and don't mind a phone call, email me at corto_@hotmail.com and I'll call on my dime to better explain.

ps. if there's a better community for this... please let me know.
Help! (Pretty please?)
Hello everybody!

I'm new to the community and new to LINUX.

Currently I'm exasperated. I had a copy of Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 and it was kinda bad because it never recognised my video card. So I just got version 2.3. Unfortunatly, it doesn't seem to be helping much either. I've run into a problem trying to install it. Using bootable floppies or the cd, Lizard is unable to install. That is, it installs from the command line, but as soon as it attempts to switch to GUI, I get a blank screen. I've tried to install using LISA, but I'm unable to correctly configure the X-Window for my graphics card. I would really appriciate any help anyone could give me. I'm feeling sad about the whole affair.

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