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Sunday, September 15th, 2002

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Wireless woes
I recently put Gentoo on my Titanium Powerbook and I've been trying to get it working with my Airport card with 90% success.

I can bring the interface up and have DHCP get an IP/gateway/everything, but I cannot use the interface at all. Not even to ping the router. The gateway is set, and I'll take down my regular network card completely... no luck. WEP is disabled... not sure if they card is trying to use it, but I haven't been able to set a key (won't let me).

Any ideas? Going to try upgrading the module to v.11b tomorrow... think I'm on .08b now.
Power management
For those of you out there with laptops (and with desktops as well, I suppose), what sort of power management software do you use? Even though it's three years old already, ACPI feels somewhat cutting-edge, if only due to the lack of userland interface software and documentation. At the same time, APM is starting to show its limitations, and ACPI is clearly the way of the future.

Have you managed to do something nifty with your power management setup? Or do you just leave your machine be...?

The reason I'm asking this is because I want to know if I should stay with APM or move to ACPI. I have a laptop with a BIOS that supports both. It's getting quite annoying that I can't speed the processor down so that it doesn't burn my lap (1.7GHz P4-M) when Windows gladly knocks it down to 1.2GHz or ~800MHz when told to. I haven't gotten APM configured yet, so I wanted to know which standard I should learn and use.

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