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Monday, September 9th, 2002

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Is there really any advantage to going with Gentoo Linux and compiling everything optimized for your CPU? I love Debian, but I've been thinking of trying Gentoo since I'm going to be reinstalling on a new HD. I'd only switch if there was a clear speed advantage.
Trouble Installing Red hat 7.3
I have been struggling with Redhat for the past four days....

I finally have what I have downloaded on a CD.
Machine is a IBM 360
Pentium Pro 150Mhz
64Mb Ram
3 X 2.024 Gig Drives

I have not finished the Redhat/Rpms directory, i have all the rest so far.
I have copied the CD to the harddrive because I gave up on getting Linux to start from dev/cdrom (even though it did work with an earlier version of Redhat.

*** The Real problem seems to be when I run Autoboot.exe it says that I have a drive called dev/hda1 and it wants a path for the image files. I tried "rh/redhat/base" and "rh/images" and it will not continue, it says "No image files at this location"

Any help would be appreciated.

Current Mood: confused

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