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Sunday, September 8th, 2002

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Linux Server
Me and a few friends are trying to set up a web site sort of like http://astalavista.com/ but a lil diffrent. It will be a security and open source programming site. We "need" according to my two friend unlimited space and bandwidth. We are also kind of poor. We cannt afford one of those 1k a month web servers. All the cheap ones with unlimted space and bandwidth wont let us do what we want. If anyone knows of a cheap(yet good) server with like at least 100meg and at least 10 gig of bandwidth. It would be nice if it was a *nix server to :)


Current Mood: determined
fair price?
so, alittle off topic but hopefully someone will be able to tell me what to do with these.

i've got 3 sparc 10's for sale now i suppose.
all have 128mb ram, two are 50mhz, the other is 75mhz. 4gig ibm scsi's in all of them.

i'm looking to sell these on ebay or donate them to a learning facility. either way, i don't care so long as someone gets the oppertunity to play with non x86 hardware.

any idea who would be interested in such hardware? i tried giving them to my college but they wanted nothing to do with them. ended up giving 3 IPX's and a ss20 to my favorite teacher who put them in his lab and lets kids in the unix system administration class and intro to linux class play with them.

(btw, i'm writing this from a quad processor (ross) 150mhz ss20. running debian)

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