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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002

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"He's adept at adaptation..."
Here's something that might give Bill Gates a possible reason to be happy... and a reason to be not-so-happy.

A challenge was recently issued to get Linux to run on an X-Box. It seems that the challenge has been answered and overcome. According to this thread from Slashdot, someone has gotten X, KDE, Gnome, StarOffice and Tuxracer to work on the gaming console.

Some of my favorite replies to the thread:
  • So the question now is whether you can run the X-Box emulator on the result.
    • And if you can, will it be faster than the original, because of the OS upgrade? ::grins::
  • Now I can finally play TuxRacer at one FPS instead of all those crappy professionally made Xbox games!
  • What we really need to get running on this is xmame. Nearly 3500 arcade games on your living room television set! Now there's $200 worth of entertainment!
  • My Xbox is now an X box, because it runs X.

Current Mood: amused
Finishing off M$ on my desktop.
I need to figure out how to eliminate the last two uses of Win2K under VMWare at home - Quicken 2000 (which xover office should handle) and tmpgenc.

Anyone know of a good replacement for tmpgenc under linux? I mostly need to convert AVI/DivX/etc video streams to VCD compliant MPGs. Sometimes, though, this involves a resize, and the command line tools I've found (so far) don't want to do that easily.....

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