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Saturday, August 31st, 2002

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"Press this key to see amazing things...."
I saw this on Slashdot last night. It started out as an article about Verizon switching their programmers from the M$ Office (and other M$ programs) to OpenOffice.

Some of the points made were quite interesting; some were just funny. VERY funny. This was one of my favorites, not so much for the post as for its response:
MS Office 'Faster' then StarOffice(Score:3, Insightful)
by Cy Guy on Thursday August 15, @04:56PM (#4079260)

From the article: "Microsoft's studies of the 11 most frequently used operations in Microsoft Office took on average 2.5 times less time than in StarOffice [amazon.com], he said."

Okay let's try to list the 11 'most frequently used operations' for word processing: Cut, Copy, Paste, File Open, File Save, Print, Bold, Change Font Size, Change Font Color, Create Bullets, Create Table.

I'll grant that Word is great for the last two, and is pretty quick at them. Plus they are functions that actually take more than a split second. But the other nine are not and can easily be done in seconds on either program. And when you then consider that MSWord Bullets and tables don't act the way you want them to act probably at least half the time, any savings from creating them quickly is lost.

(Note: my list is based on the common sense assumption that MS didn't include plain old typing in their list).

And here is the response:

You are obviously a neophyte user. For those of us familiar with MS Office, the 11 most common operations in MS Office are:
  • making the paperclip go away;
  • acknowledging that converting an RTF email with no pictures in it to plain text format will cause you to lose any pictures;
  • making the paperclip go away;
  • deleting the extra 432 blank columns and rows that Excel just inserted into your spreadsheet;
  • making the damn paper clip go away;
  • figuring out what cool effects to insert into your Powerpoint presentation;
  • condemning the damn paper clip to bell&whistle hell;
  • repairing your Word document after accidentally confirming that you want to update the style you just attempted to apply to some text;
  • placing a square of black electricians tape over the lower right corner of your screen;
  • propogating a virus to all the entries in your Outlook address book;
  • taping little faces to all the paperclips in your drawer and then ripping their heads off.

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