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Thursday, August 29th, 2002

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How can I get a module.. say ipchains to install on boot?

I added an alias to the /etc/modules.conf and it still fails.
Current : alias ipchains ipchains
Attempted : alias firewall ipchains

Both failed to work.

This is on a RH 7.3 machine.


Update: This would be for the kernel module. The command I have to use to get it to load is insmod ipchains. Sorry for the confusion.
question for anyone who might have a clue:

I've a server running linux 2.4.19 with two 3Com Corporation 3c980-TX 10/100baseTX NICs. I am trying to use ethernet bonding as they're both connected to the same switch. I enabled ethernet bonding in the kernel, load the module, everything is compiled fine... but when I try to ifconfig bond0 it hangs, and soon the system freezes. Does anyone know what might be wrong? I've tried taking down eth0 and eth1 first and also not taking them down, it hasn't changed anything. Thank you.

I can't find many docs on this as it is in theory rather easy... except it freezes for me. Is there something wrong with my nics or am I being stupid? Thanks much.\

Update: on my own computer, everything works fine with 2.4.18, but it freezes in much the same way with 2.4.19. anyone else been experiencing this?

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