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Sunday, August 25th, 2002

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palm pilot
Im starting school in about a week and I got this palm pilot a few months ago as a graduation present. I really want to use it for school now. The problem is that im not how to make it sync with linux. Its an m100 connected to my computer threw COM1. When I tryed to connect threw KPilot and JPilot I couldnt connect because of were it was looking for my palm. They suggessted /dev/pilot and /dev/ttyS0 I do not have /dev/pilot so I tryed /dev/ttyS0 then I tryed /dev/tty0 both didnt work. I know im ether pointing to the wrong place or im missing a step.

If anyone knows of any palm pilot programs for linux I should check out please post them to.

Any ideas?


Hey all,

Is it possible to pool multiple NICs in a linux machine to act as one, such as for a high performance (but commodity-grade) fileserver?

Thanks in advance -- drchase

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