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Thursday, August 22nd, 2002

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Gnome's Human Interface Guidelines v1.0 released
saw this on gnotices, but I think it could be interesting even for non gnome-users.

The GNOME Usability Project is proud to announce the release of the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (v1.0), the product of usability engineers, designers, hackers, and Irish wine. The guidelines deliver both specific advice on making effective use of interface elements, as well as the philosophy and general principles behind the guidelines.

Relevance to other projects

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Right now, I run a dual pii xeon 450 (2mb L2) box as my workstation. It works really well... in fact, infinitely better than my 866 that I use at work, and more than on par with 1ghz systems that I've tried. I was considering going to a quad xeon motherboard with 4x pii 450 processors since they are dirt cheap. I'm trying to stave off the desire to do a total system upgrade until the 64 bit processors go mainstream (and drop in price). Anyone out there running quad or have any feedback?

problems with XmlRpcCpp.h - anyone know anything about it?
Evening, folks. I'm trying to compile a GTK blogger client called Blognix. It says it requires GTK 3 (which I've got) and the XmlRpc-c library. I downloaded the latest version of the latter and ./configure worked fine.

However, when I try to make, I get

In file included from blogger.cc:7:
/usr/include/XmlRpcCpp.h:73: parse error before `)' token
/usr/include/XmlRpcCpp.h:78: parse error before `)' token
/usr/include/XmlRpcCpp.h:168: parse error before `&' token

and a host of other errors apparently in XmlRpcCpp.h - which means it don't compile.

I've taken a look at the file concerned but I can't see any problems with it. On the other hand, my C++ is not notably brilliant (or really there at all).

I initially got XmlRpc-c as an RPM, but when I downloaded the source and tried to compile that, it came up with the same errors - so I'm fairly sure the problem is with XmlRpc-c rather than Blognix.

Does anyone know of any problems with this library, or anything about it, or have any good ideas generally?
linux coder site...
I code in C++ on linux now. All the sites that I goto are for windows, even the opengl ones are for windowss. Dose anyone know of some good linux c++ coder sites that are like www.planetsourcecode.com or nehe.gamedev.net? Or dose any one know of a set that most of there code is fully portable to linux? I would really like a linux opengl programming site. Its kina hard to everytime you see some kool opengl code to port it to linux.


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