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Wednesday, August 21st, 2002

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I need a site were I can learn qt. If anyone knows of one please post.

I figured out a command to compile but when I goto compile it gives me this.

g++ main.cpp -I /usr/include/freetype2 -I /usr/lib/qt3-gcc2.96/include -I /usr/X11R6/include -I /usr/lib/qt3-gcc2.96/mkspecs/linux-g++ -L /usr/X11R6/lib -L /usr/lib/qt3-gcc2.96/lib -I .moc/release-mt/ -lqt-mt -lpthread -lGLU -lGL -lXmu -lICE -lSM -ldl -lXext -lX11 -lm -lXinerama -lXrender -lXft -lfreetype -lcups -lmng -ljpeg -lpng -lz
/tmp/ccDPwaJW.o: In function `main':
/tmp/ccDPwaJW.o(.text+0x77): undefined reference to `GLObjectWindow::GLObjectWindow(QWidget *, char const *)'
/tmp/ccDPwaJW.o(.text+0xe6): undefined reference to `GLObjectWindow::~GLObjectWindow(void)'
/tmp/ccDPwaJW.o(.text+0x115): undefined reference to `GLObjectWindow::~GLObjectWindow(void)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Any suggestions?

Hey everybody. Haven't posted here in a while because everything's been running smooth, much like butter, on my box. However, I installed Debian (woody) onto a friend's machine, as a learning experience for the both of us. It took a while to figure it all out (we were doing a network install), especially X, but it's useable. The only thing we can't figure out is sound.

The computer's got an onboard sound, and I'm using the i810_audio driver for it. I can modprobe it okay, and lsmod outputs everything nicely, save for the fact that it notes the i810_audio driver (unused). Also, whenever I try to get ESD to run, I get the error: /dev/dsp: No such device . It's there, I swear, I looked, but something's not working right, and I'm stumped. Anybody want to offer me some pointers? Thanks.
Linux as a Replacement for Windows 2000
I found this article on linuxmax.net (references from www.rootprompt.org)

It is rather out dated, mainly because KDE has been upgraded to KDE 3.0 since the release of the Document, not to mention RedHat 7.3

Some of his knits are valid though, like commands that use -? --? -h --help or had a man page, or no man page at all.

Disparity between gzip packages, .tar.gz, .tgz, .gz etc..
Get Linux to run on X-BOX and you'll receive $200,000
Wow, nice!

Looks like someone has already got Linux Running on the Xbox, with booting a kernel, no graphics, but a webserver and telnet.
Okay, here's the problem. We have a linux machine (RedHat 7.1) with two SCSI drives, sda and sdb. We want to pull sda out of the system (permanently). Linux is installed on sdb, but lilo is sitting on sda. So how can we arrange things so we pull sda out of the machine, move sdb in to replace it, and flip the power switch with the remaining hard drive a) knowing it's sda, b) lilo coming up and finding the correct installation of linux with the mount points not bolloxed up.

Currently I am atempting prevent my proftp server from dos attacks.
So far I have set the maximum instances to thirty. From here I would
like to limit with ratios how much a user may take upon each vist. Implementing
this I as giving a little buffer for protecting somewhat against dns. Upon
looking at a ratio config portion of my protftpd.conf it seems rather difficult to
get this working without a major trial and error peroid. I assume that someone else
here may have had to implement the same thing, thus my question being posted here.

On a sidenot. I have always found it odd that the ftp protocol operates on a
user credit/ratio system. Just in the way the credit system works it mirrors that of
any warez file swapping system - be that of a credit bot in irc, or a credit bbs file transfer
system of the older days. Odd how a commonly used protocol is in essence centered around software
piracy =D
kernel question with redhat 7.3...
ok i have redhat 7.3 dualbooting with win2k on my machine. my hard drives are running on a abit kr71-133r... my drives are on the hpt372 raid controller but running as single drives. i am trying to compile kernel 2.4.19 on my own. i inclkuded hpt366 (for hpt372 support) into the kernel, but i think there's an ide dma conlict anyway on boot. i'm not sure why this is, the stock redhat kernels work without issue.

anyone have any ideas?

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