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Tuesday, August 20th, 2002

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Mirroring a Hard Drive
I'm moving to university this fall, so I was talking with my dad about getting a UPS. We figure its something that can come later, since I'll probably only have to worry about brownouts during the summer months. He suggested that, to protect my data from hard-drive crashes (caused by surges/brownouts or just mechanical failure) I should just mirror all my data with another hard drive. He's in the IT business and works mostly with Windows 2000 servers, but he was talking about selectively mirroring certain folders, using differently sized hard drives. I thought it was some form of RAID, but apparently it isn't.

I figured Linux should have some type of thing like this, Logical Volume Management springs to mind, although I really have no experience with this.

Anyone doing what I'm talking about? I use LFS, so where would I get the tools/info for this type of thing?
I am currently learning qt. I went to run the make file of one of the examples, and it gives me this error make: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/qt3-gcc2.96/../.qmake.cache', needed by `Makefile'. Stop. now I went to that dir and it dosnt exist. I went threw the packages and I didnt see the file. Can someone please tell me were I can get this file.

Current Mood: frustrated
I'm using Linux Mandrake9 and Konqueror web browser and it's screwing up some of my HTML on my LJ.com friends pages...

I've usually got it set up so that it cuts long entries and adds a scroll bar to each entry that is too long. I'm wondering if it's something within the browser thats screwing up the HTML, anyone have any ideas? right now I can't see the bottoms of long entries....

...also as I just realized, LogJam cuts off my community list so I can't post to several communities, anyone know how to fix this?
Does anyone know any good places to get updated drivers for:

MGA 1064SG [Mystique]


ATI Technologies Inc Radeon QD

I'm getting errors getting into X -configure in Mandrake 9 and trying to Dual Monitor.

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