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Saturday, August 17th, 2002

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I just got a scanner for my computer. Its a UMAX Astra 3400 I set it up so when I look at my USB devices it shows up and says UMAX scanner. Im assuming all went well. But, I have no program that will scan an image in. Can someone please tell me of a program that will scan.



Current Mood: tired
I've been looking through the LJ downloads but I can't find one that will allow me to post to user-defined/custom friend lists. They either explicitly say they don't support this yet, or they don't mention it one way or another. Anybody know of one that does?
quake3 + voodoo3
i'm sure this has been done before, but i'd love some help. i'm trying to get quake3 running on my box, and i'm getting about one frame per second in the menus. so i know i have to figure something out about the video.

stats: debian unstable
athalon 1.1Ghz, 512M, etc...
voodoo3 [*sigh*]

i am a newb when it comes to video drivers, i have no idea what i should be putting where. i do know that i'm running X at depth: 16. resolutions 800x600 and 640x480 in my mode line
i don't know if i should be using mesa or gl or whatever, help with video driver configuring etc would be usefull thanks

some usefull output:
You are using software Mesa (no hardware acceleration)!
Driver DLL used: libGL.so
If this is intentional, add
"+set r_allowSoftwareGL 1"
to the command line when starting the game.
i found this humorous

that is a link to images.google.com, with the query ' +"broken" +"scales of justic" ' the only picture that comes back, is one of bill gates.

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