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Wednesday, August 14th, 2002

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Server Issues
We have a pair of Linux servers at work, doing DNS for the intranet.

One of them is being a bit tweaky.

After 109 days of up time, I rebooted the system as it is having issues running a program. The system itself has been installed for 202 days.

It is tweaky in that bash crashes, when you login as root on the front terminal, it sometimes after one command will dump you back to a login screen.

I have yet to examine the libraries, to see if there are discrepencies there, and to ldd bash, roots current shell is ksh93.. It runs fine under telnet, but on the local virtual terminal both have issues. This also includes doing an internet search on this issue.

Dual Pentium II 400, 5 SCSI UW 9 Gig Drives, Compaq 1600R (Older machines.) 1 gig ram
Rh 72 with updates

Its sister system, does not have these issues and it is the same configuration.

Why was it rebooted?
kjournald had 442 hours of activity
One other process had tons of time also. The load was over 1.2, with no processes showing actual usage of time other than kjournald

After reboot;
libpopt.so.0.0.0 was under /usr/lib, the raidstart program didn't want to run properly, so it kept dropping to a RAID RESCUE mode, which was annoying. Figured out to copy that library from /usr/lib to /lib

Config ; raid1 for all of these

across 2 SCSI UW disks.
lol had to show u guys this...

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Hi there I'm a newbie
I've ran mandrake 6.5, 7 and currently 8.1.(I'll upgrade again next release probably)

I still consider myself a newbie because I'm still learning console things, some customization, and other bits. I've not had enough time to really get indepth with things.(I have a child who is terminally ill the other is special needs... so hard to find a time lately to get "into it" with learning more) Tomorrow I'll be gone for a few days so my system will be shut down and my temp net access will be on a win98SE that is a celeron 500Mhz w/64M ram and norton firewall.(thankgoodness they unblocked the webcomics and a few other things. I'll be at the hospice with my daughter and the computer I use when there is the school room one)

Anyways reciently got myself a 10/100 smc ezswitch to finish up my home network. I'm a little irritated with my old computer I'll be using as a server. The cdrom died in it 2x. Then mandrake didn't want to install so tried redhat. Both had issues. Then got mandrake installed now in console only however now the darn thing wont use the mouse or keyboard.(it saw them in the install just fine) I'm leaving it alone for now til life mellows(my daughters health and all) but was trying to distract myself by getting it up and running. As well as get my son off of my computer(he wants internet) and keep him on his own.(its a p100 running win98SE but he'd rather have duelboot so he claims)

Anyways here are my machines specs:
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