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Monday, August 12th, 2002

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Who's the killer?
...of my web browser, at least. Mozilla has picked up some odd behavior over the last day or so...it's taken to killing itself. Or at least something kills it. When I run it from a console and this happens, the console ends with the enigmatic word "killed".

How can I find out what killed it?
dual boot problem
I just installed a new harddisk into my box as a secondary master and installed Win2000 on it. The primary master contains my Linux installation.

My plan was to use Lilo for dual booting both OS using this lilo.conf configuration:

menu-scheme = Wg:kw:Wg:Wg
timeout = 80
message = /boot/message

image = /boot/vmlinuz
label = linux
initrd = /boot/initrd
root = /dev/hda5

other = /dev/hdc1
label = "Win2000 Gaming"

Lilo is installed on MBR of /dev/hda. The problem is, that booting windows fails. The last message is lilo's "booting xyz..." message.

Any idea what went wrong?

Current Mood: working

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