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Monday, July 29th, 2002

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Sound for linux
Im fed up with trying to get drivers working with my turtle Beach Santa Cruz card. I just installed ALSA and it works with my card but only for the front speakers. Unless someone here knows how to make my card work with surround sound, im gona get a new card.

I need it to surrport surround sound and linux(it would be nice if the drivers came from them officaly like from nvidia cards).

Add on to sound card...
Is there a way to decompile and change the code to linux? or run the win drivers threw winex?
Now I know technically speaking most linux distro's come with a "killall" script that will kill a process by name, not by PID. However for us who use the BSD machines, its not shipped with the os. At either rate, I ran across a perl script last night that does in fact let you kill pid's by name.

at either rate, this is the code, I wish I had it all in front of me to give the guy credit for coding it, but I will update you later with who the guy was for proper like respect.

on with the show?

my $psbinary="/bin/ps";
my $psargs="cax -o pid,command";
my $signal=15; # default TERM
my $cmd=$psbinary . ' ' . $psargs;
my @names;
my $report='';


for(@ARGV) {
if (/^-(\d+)/) { $signal=$1; }
push @names,$_;
if (@names == 0) {
print STDERR "usage [-SIGNUM] processname ..\n";
exit 1;
open(PS,"$cmd |") || die "Can not run ps binary";
while() {
next if !$pid; # odd check.. it should never happen actually
next if !$name;
($name)=($name=~/.*\/([^\s]+)/) if ($name=~/.*\//);
chomp($name); # making sure it doesn't end with eol
for (@names) {
$report=$pid . ' ' if $name eq $_;
kill $signal,$pid if $name eq $_;
if ($report ne "") {
print "killed: $report\n";
} else {
print "no processes killed\n";
Is it so hard to have a linux distro that has the following attributes?

1) Comes with X 4.2 (As a *standard* package)
2) Isn't RedHat (Mandrake might as well be RedHat, or vice-versa)
3) Doesn't involve compiling everything from source. (I don't mind compiling some things, but Gentoo is out unless someone can provide a good argument for it (and "Because Gentoo rocks" is *not* a good argument) )

What am I missing?

Current Mood: annoyed

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