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Linux Community's Journal
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Thursday, July 25th, 2002

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I'm new here
Why didn't anyone tell me there was a linux community? D'oh.

Anyway, been using linux as my primary OS for almost two years, and livejournal for about 6 months. So, uh, hi. :-)
Hi I'm new to the community
And I hate to start out by asking for help, but honestly it's a large part of why I joined. Anyway, this should be a decent challenge for some of you :o)

Pretend you started out with a 30G HD. When you first set it up, you had a 20G Win98 partition, and a 10G Win2k NTFS partition. Later, you decide to install Linux in the same drive, and do it by partitioning off about 10 gig of free space from the end of the Win98 partition. All that went well, no trouble.

Now the hard part. Because I had Win98 and Win2k both on that drive before linux, I had to use Win2k's boot manager to choose between them on boot. When I installed linux, it put lilo in over the win2k boot manager. My question is, how can I install Lilo in such a way as to allow me to choose between Linux or Win2k on boot. I don't care about booting to the Win98 partition, it's mostly just a media drive now anyway.

If it helps, I'm using SuSe 8.0 Personal. Thanks a lot for any help and hopefully I'll be able to help with some of your problems :o)
CNAMES, MX, and Sendmail...
Okay there is the problem.

Here is a generalized layout of things.

foo.com is the main domain.
crap.com is a cname to foo.com.

The Apache web server separates out the 2 different hosts just fine. However sendmail gets an e-mail say for user@crap.com and delivers it to user as user@foo.com.

I have looked on google and found a little information on how to set this up however there is no explanation or examples of doing what I would like to do.

Pretty much I want every user on the system to be able to receive e-mail from every domain but at the same time have the domain stay what it originally was sent as.
Does anyone know of any direct TCP/IP file transfer programs that work on both linux and windows? I'm thinking of something like the file transfer feature that some IM networks have, but not tied to any specific network or client. I basically want something where one person can run the program and listen for a connection, while the other person enters an IP address and connects to the first person. Is there anything like this out there, that anyone knows of? I've searched on google and freshmeat, and browsed through the debian package listings, but I haven't come up with anything.

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