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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002

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Remote encypted file server..
Hi there,
I'm trying to make a encrypting file server, that becomes the home directory of a linux user on another computer. The two computers are linked directly via ethernet. Heres the tricky part;
The file server uses the crypto api to make an encrypted partition, and it is un-encrypted with a USB Key (i.e. thumbdrive) and Password supplied on the Client computer, which then uses it as it's home directory. What I need to work out is how to securely use the Key and password supplied at the client end to unencrypt the data on the Server end. It needs to be easy (ish) to use.. and when not logged in on the client computer ( i.e. the usb key is removed ) the files on the Server neet to be un-accessable.
I think some combination of loopbacks, nfs, and net block devices could do it but I'm not sure how it should all go together... securely.
I'm trying to get the new version of Mandrake
Does anyone know of a place I could download the iso really quickly?
or at least pretty fast?
Does anyone know if the current linux kernel supports High Point HTP370 raid controller?
I just ordered a mb without first checking if it is supported.

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