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Thursday, July 18th, 2002

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glut/ut problems...
I need glut devel installed on my comp. So I down loaded from opengl.org glut-3.7. I did everything the linux installed readme said but one part I didnt get and its really screwed me over.

dd the line from archive file 'path' to your .profile, or
better to your systemwide (/etc/profile). Then logout out and
back in again (to refresh your path.)

After this, your system should be working fine. If you are
having any problems with these files, or you have any comments,
please contact me at pmarton@bgnet.bgsu.edu. I've only tried
this on a Slackware 3.0 (heavily modified) Linux PC, so
different distributions may behave differently.

I dont have glut.h(I need this) in my include/GL dir. When I added it from the glut-3.7 folder it sayen -glut not found.

While trying to get glut working the install readme told me to do this.

5) Make two symbolic links:

ln -s libglut.so.3.7 libglut.so.3
ln -s libglut.so.3.7 libglut.so

I think that caused ut to say this.

gd error (glide): gd error (glide): grSstSelect: non-existent SSTgd error (glide): grSstSelect: non-existent SSTSignal: SIGSEGV [segmentation fault]

I think if I just get that part with the profile thing working it will fix everything.


Current Mood: frustrated

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