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Sunday, July 14th, 2002

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*Takes a sip of wine*
I have finally gone all out Linux. Yes I have no more windows working. But, I still do like some games made for win. Red Hat 7.3 comes with wine. It works great for all my normal apps(WinMX, winamp, ect) But when I goto run a game I run into some problems. I cannt run War Craft III because WC3 thinks im on win 95. When I went to run star craft it goes into the game fine, looking fine. It screws up the rest of the display on the screen but the game display is fine. When I get to the main menu I cannt use the mouse or keyboard, also I get no sound. I have winex. What do you think would be easyer/better, fix wine(and please post how to do this) or just uninstall wine and put on winex.


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