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Friday, July 12th, 2002

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hard drive problem!
i just changed hard drives and can't seem to get linux installed.

the installer freezes up at "partition check: hda:" ive tried different distros and they all do the same thing. then i tried windows and it installed fine!

the hard drive used to have a seagate diskmangler on it, but i took it off.

any ideas would be appriciated...
It's the question of which everyone (here) dreams...
After a year of bitching you convince one of your friends to download and install Mozilla, and they love it. Absolutely love it. It replaces their use of IE completely, and after a tutorial they chuck Outlook as well. A month passes...

They send you an e-mail asking about a BSOD they just got (from a Kazaa component) and say, "This never happens to you, because you run Linux right?" and you reply in the affirmative. Then they reply, "I should switch. Is there something out there for someone who knows next to nothing about computers?"

Now I'm stumped. Unlike other people who have asked me to convert them; this person doesn't live in the next building. This person is an American living in a country where English is not native and Linux has next to no penetration. No LUG within 50 clicks. No broadband. No resources for the newbie except what can be downloaded at 28.8 or ordered off cheapbytes.

So, here's the question. Where would you send an absolute tyro? I don't need a distribution name. I need a good, basic, non-scary text. Surely there must be one out there that's refreshed to a modern distros perspective?

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I want to convert!
I hold in my hand a "WMI - Windows Managment Instrumentation - Scripting Insite for windows 2000 admins" and I just plain hate this shit. I am done with windows. Someone please help! I want to put linux on my laptop. its a Toshiba 5105-S607 if anyone can help me and tell me if my modem is compatibly, that would be nice. I dont know if its a win modem or not. i hope to god not.
New Hard Drive + New Red Hat 7.3 = New video problems
I just installed my new hard drive *yay!* and since I got a new hard drive I thought, well I like change and moving onto a new flavor of Linux wouldnt be that bad. So I installed Red Hat 7.3. Everything was going smooth got everything running. But then It came time to hook up the offical nvidia driver (from nvidia.com) and install all the OpenGL stuff for linux I ran into problems. So I went to nvidia.com and dled all the stuff (I used the NVChooser) and changed all the stuff in the XF86Config-4(yes, I checked thats the one im using) and it says when I tell to to Load "glx" and Driver "nvidia" it flickers for like 2 min then says no screen found. But if I take those out I get right into X. Any one know whats up with that? Well after that happened I tryed to set up all the devel files for OpenGL. I installed glut, libmesa, mesa, and SDL devel. When I try to compile my project it says GL/glut.h not found, I thought it was in mesa. SDL compiles fine but if you see something else I need please post a note. I need glut and SDL to fully work.

If someone could please please help me I would be very great full.


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