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Wednesday, July 10th, 2002

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installing rh and i have ide raid.........
i've ran into a little problem...

i'm trying to install rh linux on a computer with multiple processors and IDE RAID (it's a tyan mobo, and the brand name of the raid is FastTrak100 and the windows driver for it called "Promise RAID Driver", the problem is....

i boot off the installation CD for RH and start using the graphical installer, the install asks if i want to install any drivers for my hardware..... i assume it's asking this because of the IDE RAID, so... i try looking through the list of available drivers (for either "network" or "SCSI" so i choose SCSI) and, there's nothing that looks like it's for the brand of RAID that's on my mobo........

it gets through the initial setup of the setup and then asks me how i want to partition the drives (i.e. with fdisk or disk druid or automatically) and no matter what... it says that it hasn't detected any partionable drives......

must be cause it doesn't see the drives because it doesn't know how to use the raid.... hrmphrm...

any ideas? or is possible that this type of raid just plain isn't supported by rh linux?

thx, all ideas/comments/etc are appreciated!


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linux as NT domain server
I know it can be done. I've read some on it.

However, I was wondering if any of you have any experience using a linux box as an NT domain server?

Current Mood: curious
Has anyone gotten an Orinoco USB Wireless adapter working with Linux? I know the USB adapters are fairly new (in the last year or so anyway) and I have not found any info concerning the USB version of the adapter. Lucent does have a driver for the PC CARD version, but not the USB version.

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