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Friday, July 5th, 2002

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I felt like sharing, and this seems better suited here than my personal journal.
-I took SuSE8 off my laptop and have spent the past couple of days installing Gentoo. No major problems; I screwed something up by trying to play around with it during the install the first go round and couldn't get X to install. Started over from scratch, no problem at all.

-Holy hell did it take X/KDE forever to compile! I did it all at once (emerge kde); it took a little more than 5 hours on my PIII 1.2 GHz. I'd compiled X from scratch before, and KDE from scratch before, but never at the same time. I was expecting maybe 2 hours at the most. Hopefully I won't have to do it again.

-First impressions: I'm really impressed. I used to be a big Slackware freak. Gentoo brings all that back. And I'm really liking portage so far.

-Still using a more or less stock SuSE7.3 on my desktop. Beginning to realize how outdated its getting. Once I get the laptop straightened out, I think I'll at least update KDE and install a new kernel. I wouldn't mind putting Gentoo on here too. Think I'll play with it on the laptop for a lil while first. Or at least wait 'till I'm gonna be busy for a while.

-Now I'm gonna go see if I can get my wireless setup under Gentoo.

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