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Thursday, July 4th, 2002

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First time using xcdroast, and I'm slightly confused.

This morning, I burnt a CD containing a selection of MP3s, for to listen to on my Walkman (which will read MP3 CDs). It played no problem on my way to work.

Then I thought I'd listen to the CD on my PC at work (using NT). The drive started making funny noises. "No", says Windows, "there's an I/O error, I can't read that disc". The drive is not broken, I checked it out with another CD.

...am I being very dim here? Windows should be able to read data CDs burnt under Linux, right?

Current Mood: confused
I have tried to get my 'drake 8.2 box to be a dhcp server for my windows box. The 'drake gets its IP from my SMC wireless router.

I haven't been able to get the win box to grab the IP from the 'drake. Should I be using a regular network cable, or a cross-over cable to connect the 2nd NIC on 'drake to the win box?

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