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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002

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I was playen around with wine and I got it to work. But, when I load sc(star craft) I cannt move the mouse or use the key board. Dose any one know how to fix this?


Current Mood: blah
Ok, I dont even know why i am posting here, but i need an opinion from anyone who has windows/asp experience.

My deal is, me and a friend are starting a business and we are currently doing the M$ way of things. he programs i ASP and I host winblows machines. I dont know much about linux but i have this strong urge to learn more about it. My deal to him is, we should stop business before it really starts and gets big possibly, and we should learn php and linux, and pick back up where we left off. I am talking about stopping business now...keep all current clients (5, 1 large one) do and finish their stuff, then start working soley on linx/*nix and php. after getting enough knowledge to start converting the current customers, let it run for a bit and then up back up with enough knowledge to take on new clients.

Any idea's on that plan? i know this place is leaning toward linux, but please give me a real honost opinion.

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