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Sunday, June 30th, 2002

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Has anyone heard of this? & PDAs vs Laptops

  • it has a 10inch touch screen
  • 5.6G harddrive
  • built in 802.11b w/ embedded antenna
  • audio in & out, USB, PC Card expantion slot
  • Under 3 lbs
  • It runs linux!

    I am searching for a portable eletronic device. I ran across that in my search. Has anyone heard of it? Collapse )
  • 11:50p
    so, i've had my box up for 14 days now
    and the swap krell is telling me that i've used up the entire swap partition. ... now what?
    it's a _damn_ slow leak, and i know it's something in X, since restarting X brings the swap back to zero.

    free returns:
    	     total	    used	      free
    Swap:        88320      88272         48

    i don't really care at all if X crashes, i know my system is stable enough to handle that. (i LOVE linux *kisses box*)
    yes, i've been watching it go up and up for days now. but it always happens and i always drop out of X and start it up again all fresh

    Current Mood: sleepy

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