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Saturday, June 29th, 2002

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RedHat and the /etc/init.d
Does anyone know of a resource for writing the scripts that reside in /etc/init.d or possibly something that makes it quick and easy to create a script?

Mostly layout, syntax, etc...
Simple HTML editors?
Hi everyone- this is either my first or second post to this community (my first in months, at least). I'm looking for a good text & HTML editor for Linux. I've been using KWrite (silly little thing that comes with KDE, if you don't know) and it's so far my favorite editor (feature-wise) I've tried. I wouldn't even need to switch except for the fact that it's so damn unstable. (I HATE Konqueror and that entire line of tools. :P)

Basically, what I want from my HTML editor is simply stability and color-coding (I'm sure there's a technical term for it, but you know what I mean - how different parts of an HTML tag are color-coded so you can see if you made a mistake? y'know?). I've been using gedit for the past few days but it doesn't do color-coding, so I'm looking yet again.

Suggestions, anyone?

Current Mood: frustrated
On an earlier post...
Rushkoff canceled, so n/m

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