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Tuesday, June 25th, 2002

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Debian w/ USB Keyboard
I'm trying to install debian, however the computer that I have built myself is based on the new AT7 MAX board from ABIT. This is a motherboard that is stripped of most legacy components such as parrallel port, serial port, isa, and PS/2. This means that my keyboard and my mouse are connected through USB ports. That should be all fine, however, in debian's installer you have to hit enter once before the USB drivers get loaded. I have checked throughout my BIOS to see if there is a way to emulate a PS/2 keyboard, and that is not there. I have installed Gentoo without a problem, however I would really much rather run debian. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
- Mark.

Current Mood: determined
Well, i am interested in a few things..... I just purchased a server on Ebay and well, I am still talking to the guy about buying it or not. It is lacking Hard drives, and I am lost as to what HP will accept. Any one out there know any thing about HP servers. here is the link to the auction....


Second question is about this VRM thing i am reading about. here is a link to an auction, but i dont know much about it, Is it maybe something that is in all servers and this is just a replacement?


Third and last question, upgrading the ram on these things, can I just buy some micron or viking memory for it? its got 512 and lord knows i am wanting to go to 1gig maybe 2gig soon.

Thanks in advance.

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