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Friday, June 21st, 2002

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In a quandry

I run Linux on quite nearly all of my computers... now I need a laptop for many various reasons. Personally I like the form factor and functionality of of the iBook ... if I was going to go "all out" the G4 Powerbook is pretty nice too. I don't have any issues with MacOS X. In fact I was on the beta team when it first came out. I like MacOS X very much... but I like Linux on an x86 system more. Essentially I want the functionality of the iBook (having everything in one light, long running, compact package), or even the grace and sleekness of the Powerbook... but on a system that will run all of my commercial and open apps the same as it's being ran at home. The PC laptops that I've seen out there suck right now... what are the PC laptop counterparts to what I'm looking for.

Current Mood: quixotic
Okay. I added another ethernet card to my machine, as I plan on using my machine as a router for my home network. Kudzu detected it okay, and I can modprobe it without any problem, but while that's all fine and dandy, when I reboot with the ip masqing stuffs in place, it finds eth0 (my external link), but fails to find eth1 (interface with home network), causing the ip masqing to fail. Neophyte as I be, how do I tell Redhat to load eth1 in the boot process?

cg that is the hottest shit... i must learn that lang.

Current Mood: anxious

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