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Thursday, June 20th, 2002

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linux drive
im thinking of making this my new linux drive.

Western Digital 80 GB 8 MB Cache - 7200 RPM Ultra ATA/100

-offical site


tell me what you think.

Current Mood: blah
my linux drive is full(hint thats why im getting a new hard drive) but I want to get to my stuff still. I installed quake III on linux using the .run file. How would I uninstall that so I could get back into X?


Current Mood: awake
eth0 went where?
I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on this one.

Last night while I was working on this box, I noticed a top I had running for a remote server on my linux box had stopped. I tried to restart it but no luck. Come to find out I wasn't getting a connection anymore. I powered down the machine since it was late and I didn't want to deal with it. Well I started it back up today and my 'bringing up eth0: failed'. So I thought the card might have gone bad, considering it was a few years old. So I powered down, took out the card and put a new one lying around in. Powered back up, it took me to Kadzu (i think that's the name) and noticed I had removed the old card, I took out the configuration for it, it then recognized the new one, I installed the config for it, then told it to keep my old network settings and to continue on. Well the 'bringing up eth0: failed' yet again. I know the card works, I know my router works since I'm using it from this box as well. I'm just not sure what would cause this to happen. I'm running RH 7.3 but I didn't do any types of upgrades or messing with any configs last night when the connection just stopped functioning. If anyone has any experience or ideas about this it'd be appreciated.
Sendmail Problem II: The HOWTO's Revenge
In reference to the email problem I posted about here a couple of days ago, someone pointed me at the Sendmail address rewriting mini-HOWTO. I followed all the instructions in it, then stopped & restarted sendmail...but the email I send still bounces, though this time I get the bounce from my local ISP's mail server.

Collapse )

Anybody have some advice on this situation? I sure could use it.

Current Mood: frustrated
Transparent firewall
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So what I'm wondering how to do, is this:

My home server is at present on dialup (standard web, ftp, local-only SMB...). In a couple months, it'll be on a network with broadband internet access through a firewall. I want to set it up as ... well, whatever it takes ... a router, perhaps? so all my computers on "this side" of the network (it's my DHCP server at present; no internet routing though) can access the internet simply by being plugged in.

What would it take to set this up? I'd obviously need to add the machine's IP address as router for the DHCP settings, and set it up as a DNS server (or would I, since it could forward DNS requests to the outside world?).

Basically, I want there to be no difference to my laptop between being "home" and "away" -- it can access the internet without any necessary proxy changes or firewall changes (and none to start out with -- "direct connection", to use Microsoft terms. (eek))

I'd also totally love to be able TO filter it through a firewall or some forwarding rules, though it's not a total requirement (don't leave vulnerable services open, or the laptop on, so not too concerned).

Oh, and just to clear it up -- the laptop is an iBook (with AirPort) running MacOS X (with Mozilla) / Yellow Dog Linux... not some Windows crap. ;) The server is er, RedHat 7.x (can't remember what off the top of my head)

Current Mood: hopeful
mod_perl (more)
[Update: Fixed, it was a DSO issue.]

I mentioned in a post here that I've been having troubles with mod_perl and ImageMagick;

I just went through and recompiled Perl 5.6.1, Apache 1.3.26, FastCGI 2.2.12, mod_perl 1.27, and mod_ssl 2.8.9-1.3.26. Everything is linked using APXS as DSOs and everything seems to work fine except that whenever I try to read a file or create an image object using BlobToImage, PerlMagick causes its current process to crash.

Here is a quick script I whipped up in order to keep any BML or PerlRequire stuff from interfering:


package Apache::IMTester;

use strict;
use Apache::Constants qw(:common);
use Image::Magick;

sub handler {
my $r = shift;

my $image = new Image::Magick;

# this line is what makes it segfault

# this one will also cause it to segfault, assuming $data was an image blob
# $image->BlobToImage($data);

$r->print("testing. will this segfault?");

return OK;


Thanks for your help.

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