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Thursday, June 13th, 2002

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Perpetual Computer Fixing
Just a thought I'd like to share with everyone. A moment of reflection has come onto me. I've been iinterested in computers for years, started out with Windows systems and than quickly moved on to Linux when I dicovered it when a friend recomended it to me.
It must be 3 or 4 years of "using" Linux. What I've observed about the past few years, is that my computer has been in a constant state of fixing and setting up. Consider Linux and a fact that I'd spend a few days configuring the simple mailing system on my Debian box. Setup fetchmail, setup procmail, setup mail reader, etc. the list goes on for every single component of a working computer. i would spend days sometimes weeks setting up the way my Linux box was runnning. The fact that Linux can be setup in million ways doesn't really help. What I'm getting onto here is that in that whole span of few years I only had the box completely operational maybe for a week or two at a time. Other thann that I always am in a process of configuring this updating that, and actual work I'd like to do never gets done. For example I've been trying to learn C programming, Got myself a nice book for starters and I was set. But for the last two weeks I've not managed to get started on it becasuse I've been busy setting up XEmacs(Grand Editor) various cool customazations and such. I've been busy trying to get a small program called Liece(irc client that runs inside of xemacs) to run but under my current Slackware Linux configurations, for the love of God I cannot make it run, I've spent like 5 days now trying. Now I'm almost ready to give up and format my computer to install SUSE linux under which I know Liece works no problem. See what I mean surely its like a desiese, or a computer disorder. I'm struggling as to figure how to control such "behavior". Its kind of funny when I think about it. But anyway I was wondering if there are any other people out there with similar dillema. Looking forward to your comments..

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Unreal not working
I just installed unreal for linux. But it runs really choppy and slow. I was looking threw the help file on there site and this is what it said

# 5.10 The game displays very slowly/choppily, almost as if running in Mesa software mode, on my TNT/TNT2/GeForce.

From the UT 428a README.PATCH.428a:

UseTNT // workaround for TNT/TNT2 cards

Set this to one if you experience problem with your TNT/ TNT2 cards

This answer also applies to 436 and 436-GOTY. Note that as of 436, all nVidia-based users should be using OpenGL instead of SDLGL. You will need to edit your UnrealTournament.ini for this to take effect. See 9.1 for information about selecting the correct renderer.

I am running a nvidia card. Now for some reason there faq is down. So can anyone help me get this thing to work?

thx nuke

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qmail woes
here is the full description

any help is appreciated

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port 25
port 25
I installed the latest RedHat 7.3 along with the default sendmail.

I can telnet to localhost or on port 25 no problem.
It answers.

My ip address is which is defined in /etc/hosts
along with the host name bbb and another called mail.my.net.

I can't seem to get the telnet bml 25
to work or for that matter telnet 25 to work ???

Is the that is giving me problems.
Why is sendmail not answering using that IP address ?

I shutdown the firewall completely.
I tried adding port 25 to the firewall.
I added host bml and mail.my.net to sendmail.cf in /etc
but to NO avail.

The error messages is: "connection refused".
Netstat -an shows LISTEN

I can usually solve these types of problems !
For some reason I'm stuck on this one.
What am I over-looking ?

Thks :))

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