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Wednesday, June 12th, 2002

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I'm so confused. I just bought a barebones AMD 1500mhz machine. Don't yet have an HD for it, so I just transferred my boot drive on this computer to that one to test if it works. It does, uh, sorta... the mobos are the same (for the most part -- they both have onboard SiS lan and video and audio and stuff), just one's for p3's and one's for athlons. I could boot into X with the 1500 mobo, though I would always get this error when I started up Mandrake: initrd extends beyond end of memory (0x0dfff295 > 0x0dff0000), whatever that means. Then it wouldn't do that pretty Mandrake graphical bootup and list services and whatnot in text mode. Got into X, couldn't get the lan to work at all (though it's the exact same as the one on my other machine), even popped in a 3com card I had laying around to test it -- still nada. (side note -- how hot do athlons burn on average? my p3 barely reaches 115 degrees, and this thing was tearing it up at 125, 130... dont want to see flames) Decided to see if maybe a reinstall of Mandrake would help -- popped in the bootable cd, it would start up, then I'd get a kernel panic and system halt (at 1:05.. no idea what that means). So I said screw it, tossed everything back into my other machine, and while everything works now, it's sooooo slooooow (ie, it took 3 minutes to load ximian evolution, as opposed to 3 seconds before). Any ideas what's going on? And if so, how to fix it? Mucho gracias in advance.

Current Mood: perplexed
printing to a windows printer?
is it possible (i'm pretty sure it is) to print from linux to a printer connected to a windows 2000 box over a network?

if it is, would someone point me in the correct direction for getting this setup?

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Okay, I posted yesterday about my problems installing Linux on my new AMD 1500+ XP. Update:

It's deffo the mobo/cpu (I don't have another mobo or cpu to test with, so I can't specify which). I chucked all unnecessary hardware, leaving me with a hard drive, cdrom, mobo, and cpu (mobo has onboard SiS sound, video, and lan). I reformatted the hard drive, and STILL get the same error -- I tried a Mandrake 8.2 install, and then a Redhat 7.3, both with similar errors. The Mandrake error wasn't too verbose (Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 1:03), but the Redhat error gave me more info:

EXT2-fs: unable to read superblock
cramfs: wrong magic
Fat: unable to read boot sector
isofs_read_super: bread failed, dev=9:00, iso_blknum=16, block=32
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 9:00

The system then halted, though the caps lock and scroll lock indicator lights on my keyboard started flashing slowly. No idea.

Again, I really have no idea what's going on here. It's a mystery to my small brain... any of you linux superheroes out there have any idea what's going on? I'd be quite grateful.

Current Mood: still perplexed
Linux kernel/tux tuning
Does anyone know any good sites for linux 2.4 kernel tuning for webservers, specifically tux? Also, for tux tuning (although there's not much to tune, I can probably just trial and error it until I find the optimal settings without much problem).

Just curious; I know a lot of things have moved and changed the way they work in 2.4. I'm curious mainly for static content - image servers. That could probably be guessed since I was asking about Tux, but whate'er.

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