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Tuesday, June 11th, 2002

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The Community of Us
Stop me if we've had this topic before, I just thought it'd be nice to have a non-technical help post.

Is is just me, or are linux users getting a bad rap lately?

Maybe it's because all my IRC friends now use macs and defend OSX to the death (why?). Maybe it's because people around me have had issues with Linux and were unable to get the help they thought they deserved. Either way, it feels like every time I turn around someone is talking smack on the Linux community - how we're all a bunch of stuck up posers who don't really know anything.

It's true that I don't really know much. But I kinda thought that was what linux was all about - exploring, learning, getting there eventually. You RTFM, you make friends, you have little setbacks and little victories. A computer just isn't a computer unless you're doing new things and learning with it, that's what I think.

In my experience I've been able to find help with all my issues pretty easily. Is this what you all have found? Why are we so critisized? Do you care at all?

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