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Monday, June 10th, 2002

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I'm trying to automate adding lots of users to a linux box... I'm running shadow and md5. The man page for useradd says I should do the following

useradd username -p password

Where password is the MD5 version of the password they should have. Well the problem is that whatever you put after -p goes directly into /etc/shadow

What it should look like is:


That's not normal MD5, it's some odd permutation. Does anyone know how to generate this type of MD5?
I'm having issues with my install of Red Hat 7.2. I installed it first to my SGI visual workstation and then Installed it to my dual xeon 450 box using the SGI XFS installer, and in both cases, my USB mice are detected on install, and then unable to be detected after install (on reboot) so X won't start.... any ideas?

Current Mood: annoyed
Grrr.. I'm just a little new at this :)
We configured a server and I'm trying to get sendmail working. I can load Pine and send email out fine. But when someone sends email to any of our users it just goes *nothing*. No undeliverable, but no deliverable either.

As I said I'm a bit new at this so I don't know where else to look. I've been scouring RedHat docs and the internet for hours. What more information would someone need to tell me what to do?

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