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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002

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Linux Newbie stuff.
Hey all, I'm trying to enter the world of Linux. Can anyone point me to a couple good websites for "we know you're not an idiot, you just don't know much at all about linux"

Thanks in Advance!
Sloooooow penguin
I'm running Red Hat 7.3 on my 900Mhz/512Mb RAM/GeForce2Mx system, and compared to Windows, Linux seems extremely sluggish. I'm running very, very little in terms of daemons and background processes. I use KDE 3.0 and Gnome, and the speed issue is present with both. MP3 playback is extremely bad as well - I believe that would be a product of low system resources/capabilities. Anyway, I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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