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Saturday, May 25th, 2002

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linksys and sendmail
gotta little question:

sendmail is rejecting routing with a "IP may be forged" error.

Here's the setup;

I have a redhat 7.2 with Sendmail server running here at my house on a dsl static IP.

My folks have a cable modem dhcp setup at their house.

I have an email account for my folks on my server that they were accessing fine right up until I put a linksys cable modem router at their house....

I have their hostname in my /etc/mail/relay-domains file... (hence, it was working).

So I figure the linksys is blocking something... but I can't tell what needs to be changed on that device's configuration to fix the problem.

Text of error from sendmail includes "Relaying denied. IP name possibly forged"

Any ideas out there?

Edit: Found what appears to be the solution;

purely a linksys issue. Out of the Box linksys blocks ICMP requests so Sendmail (8.11.6) processes a refusal to relay if it cannot ping the send source.

Solution is to use the select the Filters tab in the router interface under the Advanced Section and scroll to the bottom to see the Block WAN Request option. By default it is set to Disabled... I'll change it and see what happens.

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