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Linux Community's Journal
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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002

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oh, sweet iiiiiirony!
this does not have to do with linux, but i figured the members of this community would find as much amusement in it as i did.

this is currently posted on msdn.microsoft.com. does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

perhaps the fact that the majority of microsoft's notorious security holes have been because of buffer overruns? maybe they should make it mandatory for their own programmers to read that article... sheesh.

Current Mood: amused
Linux poll
I'm curious as to what's popular these days in terms of GUIs/distros, so I created this short poll.
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Newbie question.
I recently discovered Gentoo, and I heard that it only likes booting off of a CD. I want to put it on my Thinkpad. Unafortunately, my CD-ROM drive is PCMCIA based, so I can't boot off of the CD.

Or can I?

Is there anyway to get Gentoo on this? Win2k runs like arse on my laptop (it has a 166), so I wanted to give Gentoo running Blackbox a chance. I saw it run suprisingly nice on my friends Toshiba 266.

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