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Saturday, May 18th, 2002

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is anyone familiar with NIS? know any good sites?

setting up nis for a group project. we set up as a master server and the first time everything goes well. about 5 minutes later - while i was fooling with ypcat i started getting failed messages. after many more tries - i never got it to work again. when re-starting ypsrvr and ypbind - always received the failed error.

anyone have a clue?
ok so i installed dragonlinux... again.. still dont work properly.. i tryed configureing the monitor and grafix card but it still dun work.. i set it as the simplest it can be and it goes all knarled... any hint to wat i can do??

i got a trident blade3d and yer a monitor that supports up to 1080 or wateva..

Current Mood: annoyed
help... yet again... the mouse... when i click it always ends up in the bottem lefthand coner of the screen... i cant click on anything and its realy anyoning

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