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Monday, May 6th, 2002

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IM client for Linux.
Does anyone know of a good IM client for linux, such as trilian? I have tried using everybody, but it tends to crash on me too much.

Redhat 7.3 "Valhalla"
Rehat 7.3, codename "Valhalla" iso's are available via RHN if you are a member. I haven't checked the public servers, but they are sure to be swamped.

Current Mood: giddy
RedHat 7.3 ISOs available
Thanks to cpugrud I have the RedHat 7.3 ISOs available on a pretty fast mirror. Here are the links for all your LJers to enjoy. Use an FTP client with resume capability.

wget -c ftp://ftp.perturb.org/iso/RedHat7.3/valhalla-i386-disc1.iso
wget -c ftp://ftp.perturb.org/iso/RedHat7.3/valhalla-i386-disc2.iso
wget -c ftp://ftp.perturb.org/iso/RedHat7.3/valhalla-i386-disc3.iso

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