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Friday, May 3rd, 2002

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Apache + Linksys Router + Vhosts = Headache
The layout: Cable modem connection to a Linksys router to a RH 7.2 machine running Apache 1.3.22.

RH machine : Has apache, Bind, SSH, etc.. 6 ips assigned to the eth0. 1 for the machine, 2 for DNS, 3 for Apache Virtual hosts.

Problem : I forward port 80 to ip (the third in ip setup) from the router to the linux machine. You browse to the cable set ip and you get the apache root website.

What I've tried: Looked over the config for bind, apache, eth0. All look fine and work internally. All the Vhosts work great internally. I've tried forwarding to the other vhosts... same issue. If I change the root web I can set it to what ever dir I want and can browse it but for some reason the server refuses to goto the ip of the vhost. No errors are in the logs for the vhosts or the server. Server starts up fine.

I'll be banging my head against a wall trying to figure this out if anyone would like to help.

UPDATE: After getting the JK2 server running and adding the port on the router to forward to the server my net died. Well I looked at the setup and realized that the software was not just forwarding the single port. It was doing 0 - 28070. So I moved it to 28070 - 28071. Then I thought and moved the port 80 to 80 - 81. Now the forwarding to the vhost is working. So even though Linksys says drop in just the port and it will forward the router software is taking that port kicking to the end of the forward rule and forwarding port 0 - whatever. So I have redone almost all of my port forwarding now. Everything seems to be happy. Teferi you may look at your router, if it's the same one, and see if that's what you are running into.

Thanks for the help everyone...

Current Mood: aggravated
Wow I have been very productive...
Got vhosts fixed...
Got sendmail working and email config fixed... Heh I can get email to and from the world.
Got JK2 running a dedicated server on linux...

Ahh now what to do...

I know figure out why the win32 client decided to put this here... Sorry about that.
Problem Background:
I converted my Dual PIII [800Mhz] from W2K to *NIX. She was just sitting there being unused, so I decided I'd make her my new *NIX workstation. Anyway, so I was having trouble with the package management system that's written in Python. There was a type error: Number Coercion Failed and I didn't know whether it was something I had done or not. Anyway, so after trying to update several packages by hand, I decided to upgrade the actual package management system and lo & behold, she's updating as we speak!

What I learned from this experience:
Don't blame your errors for stuff that doesn't work. Blame the software. =P

Current Mood: accomplished

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