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Thursday, May 2nd, 2002

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Shell scripting help
I am trying to write a script to do something pretty simple. I want to delete the last line from a text file, then add two new lines. I know how to do everything except delete the last line of a file. I am sure there is something that I am missing that will simply delete the last line of whatever file you specify. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Current Mood: confused
New community: linuxnewbies
Hey everyone.

I just created a new community named linuxnewbies. What I'm hoping it will become is a place where newbies can ask newbie-like questions without having to feel stupid or fear being flamed by other, more advanced linux users.

Basically what I'm asking is if there are any people out there that are good with people, and like taking on people new to the linux lifestyle and answering questions and such to join to community. Also, feel free to re-direct neophites to the community.

Anyways, happy hacking.
I've updated to Linux-Mandrake 8.2, and I'm a bit proud to say I'm on the internet in a non-MS environment on my home system for the first time.

I'm wondering: is there an LJ community for new users of Linux? Searching for 'linux' in interests yields too many results for LJ to show and there's no group or username of 'linuxnewbie'.

Side note: as someone who used to prefer the DOS commandline, it's incredible to be working with bash, even with my rudimentary knowledge of it...I kind of resent the fact that people act like it is so prohibitively difficult to learn. I would've made more of an effort to snag Linux earlier if I had known more about it.

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