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Monday, April 29th, 2002

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like descartes' absolute doubt
I've installed Linux-Mandrake 7.2, as a dual boot option on my normally Win98 PC. I have two incredibly ignorant questions:

* How do I get to the basic command line? The login screen defaults to KDE; the other options all seem to be other GUIs.

* How do I configure a generic PCI 10/100 network interface card?

I've searched a bit on linuxdocs and linuxnewbie. I haven't found the answers, but I'll keep searching.

* Also: a few months ago, I installed this in nearly the same way (dual boot w/ WinME). One day a whole chunk of the Windows partition seemed to just disappear. Certain directories still existed, but were empty of files; a few directories were simply gone. The Linux partitions were also gone, or at least unbootable. What could have caused this? The fdisk command declares that when you enable large disk access (FAT32, right?) the disk may be unusable to other operation systems. Was this it?

Any recommendations of a good book on Linux? I feel surprisingly ignorant.
I recently compiled a new kernel on my RH 7.2 machine, and it works just fine, but at startup, the kernel prints: loading of usb-uhci failed. It looks like it's a dynamically loadable module so I could insmod it. I have the .h and .c files, but can't compile it to an object file because I don't know which libraries it needs to compile. anyhow, if anyone knows how to fix this let me know. Thanks.
Okay, after much fighting with libraries and a few other things, I still cannot get Mosfet's high performance liquid for KDE3 to compile on RedHat.

I'm running a pretty clean install of 7.3 (beta2), yet it consistently fails after insisting that I don't have the qt-mt lib installed. I've tried various combinations of ./configure --with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt3 --prefix=/usr (and so on), but nothing seems to work.

If anybody has gotten this to work, I'd greatly appreciate a hand. Or if nothing else, could you point me to an "official" KDE directory layout, since Mosfet's big gripe seems to be that RH uses nonstandard directories. Hell, I'll make symlinks if I have to...

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